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My game reviews: Ghostbusters The game (xbox 360) [14 Dec 2010|03:31pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Since I don't use my journal for much of anything else I figured I might as well use it for something constructive. My game reviews are based on a five point system. One being that there should be absolutely no real reason why you should even bother looking at the game and five being it's a great solid game worth having if it's your kind of game.

Game in review: Ghostbuster the game

Story(Some plot spoiler alerts):

For those that don't know, Ghostbusters is about a team of ghost hunters who went into business for themselves hunting rampant ghosts of New York. The game takes place a few years after the second movie, they've been well established and even have the mayors support. Things don't stay quiet for long as a giant blue wave sweeps over the city that originated from the museum in the opening sequence from the Gohzer exhibit. Gohzer being the entity they fought in the first movie. This wave in turn releases slimer from his little 'ghost house' that the team now has to chase after and recapture him. This in turn starts a series of events that could potentially mean the end of New York City as we know it.


You play as a young newly hired cadet that remains nameless. From here you start out with a short tutorial trying to chase after Slimer then your thrust into the actual game it's self. The game play is incredibly smooth and solid. If you played Halo on the Xbox then you shouldn't have any problems controlling this game though unlike Halo, this game is done in third person making aiming easier. This game also has a good solid story with well designed levels with a creepy atmosphere that really set's the mood of the game. You also have an upgrade system that allows you to upgrade the many functions of your proton pack that allows for much quicker and easier ghost captures. Now here's the catch. in order to afford those upgrades you have to catch the ghosts and for every capture or destroyed ghost you get some money in return.

Another little added feature is the hidden artifact which also gives your money that you can use towards upgrading your arsenal. Finding those requires a bit of diversion from the main story and relying on your PKE meter. You'll be using your PKE meter a lot throughout this game. Your PKE meter allows you to detect ghosts, strange events, and a hidden artifact. The ghosts however never stay hidden for long and often come after you rather than hide so for the most part you'd only use it to find hidden artifacts or tell which direction to go when lost. Hence the event detection, the higher the green bars are the closer you are to where you need to go.

This brings me to the next segment, Level design. The levels even for the X-box are beautifly designed, in a creepy horror movie sort of way yet they keep to the feel of the first two movies. Many of the songs are also re-scores of songs taken from the first two movies. So expect a lot of eerie ghost-like music to chime in for many of the level areas. The levels also have many hidden areas to them for you to seek out and explore. Some of those said hidden areas often contain a hidden artifact.

The game is well designed and voice acting is done by the exact same actors who played in the first two movies. The story is actually on par with the first two and it really draws you in. There are however a couple of drawbacks that prevent it from being a full 5 out of 5. One is that the game is very short. I beat the game in one play through in just one afternoon. The second is that the game lacks a lot of extra content that warrants any real replayability. Once you beat it that's pretty much it. And the artifacts serve no other purpose than as collectibles that give you more money for upgrades. However even without the artifacts I had enough money from ghost catching alone to buy all the upgrades before the end of the game.

Overall: 4 out of 5

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Something rather od yet somehow funny. [05 Dec 2006|01:48pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Something happened to me a few minutes ago that i just had to share. I had applied at a taco bell yesterday. And today I found that I got a call from them. I checked the caller ID to find they had called exactly one minute ago. So I quickly redial the number and they answer. I ask for the manager and said that I had received a call from them. he then hands me over to another person who told me that it was a wrong number. the call was meant for someone else. So I ask the manager about my application hopping she'd take a look at it. She quickly says all positions have been filled. In response I ask if all the positions have been filled then why is she calling someone else? She then hung up on me.

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Whate ever happened to applying the old fashoned way? [04 Dec 2006|06:38pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Picture this, You walk into a store intending to get an application. Ahead of you is a customer finishing up with the person behind the customer service desk, so you wait patiently. WHen shes done you approach the customer service representative and ask for an application only to be handed a card and told "we only accept applications on-line." Of course you figure since your there you might as well apply only to find out that they don't have a computer terminal at that store. So that means in order for me to apply you have to go back home and fill out an application on-line.

This has pretty much been my entire day. Nearly every place I went to handed me a little card with the web address on where I can apply. The only two places out of all the places I went to gave me a physical form to fill out. Also those two places told me they're not hiring at the moment but they'd be happy to keep my application on file. What happened that made the application process so impersonal? If I wanted to sit in front of my computer all day I would have either been tweaking my resume or typing away at one of my stories.

I know that if I want to get a job I have to fill them out. However when nearly every place you go to directs you back to the internet it makes one wonder why they even left home in the first place. I mean this is kind of ridicules.

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A little holiday cheer [02 Dec 2006|08:34pm]
Well things are starting to look like th holidays. Just spent the entire day at my grandmothers helping her decide what of the mountains of christmas items she was going to keep and which ones she was going to sell. I was more than happy to just help her out with it. I managed to work out some sort of deal with my brother while I was there. Seeing if he would move in with my mother and help her pay the bills while I held up at my grandmothers. However my grandmother decided to intervene and gave her two cents on the subject. So unfortunately my mother has do do without his help until I can talk to him away from my grandmother. Mom could really use all the help she can get with her finances.

Afterwords i finished up on helping my grandmother package what she wasn't going ot keep anymore. She also asked if I could blow the leaves on her lawn into a pile of which I was more than happy to do. Afterwords she started unpacking a few items from the stuff she was going to keep and use. She reminisced over a lot of it but I didn't mind listening. Nobody else would. All in all it was a good time. My grandmother is probably the only family member I actually get along with. I know she wouldn't mind me being there. Its just the rest of the family tree that i'd have to put up with. But at this time I don't really care about them. They can condemn me all they want. Its still not going to change who I am. I haven't even made a christmas list and already everyone is saying that they know the perfect gift for me. I shutter to think what they all have in mind... probably along the lines of what I got last year but I'm not going to dwell on that. Its getting close to christmas and right now my grandmother is going to need all the help she can get. I just wish more of the family would help her and my grandfather, its not fair that they have to do most of this by themselves. SO I'm going ot do as much as I can in the time I can. I don't care how much flack I get from the rest of the neanderthals that call them selves my family. This is Christmas, its supposed to be a time of caring. Its saddening to see how much of my family seems to have forgotten that.
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An update and an unfortunat turn of events [01 Dec 2006|07:23pm]
I know its been a while since my last post but real life has unfortunatly been keeping me busy. I finally graduated from ATI. However I was under the impression since day one of my classes that i'd get a degree. Well it turns out that I only trained for half of the things most places are looking for with someone who has networking skills. So that means I would have to spend another 32,000 plus to get the other half of my training plus an ascociates degree. Another thing is that they said they'd help me obtain my certification. They didnt tell me that that help only included that they allow me to use their school computer so I could go online and find the certifications I needed myself. They didnt even help me find ways of paying for the certification. SInce I dont have a job paying for it is kind of rather hard for me at the moment considering the lowest certification cost is about 53 dollars. Yet since I graduated I at least have a diploma so I can go to companies and say look I have the proof that I know this stuff. So thats at least one plus I get out of this.

But now that im out of school i've been in a constant search to find a job. This so far as been rather unproductive but im not about to give up. I'll go to ever fast food, every department store, every grocery store, 10 times or more if I have to but I will find a job. Unfortunatly My mother who im being force to live with inst seeing it that way. Shes jsut recently threatened to have me thrown out pf the huse if I cant find a job on any kind in the next few weeks. ANd given my current financial standing and the fact that nothing here is completly mine anymore, not even my car which my mother has almost taken over the payments to, Despite my reservations about such things. FOr one thing she can barely pay for the house. How can she expect to make payments on my car if she can barely afford paying for the house. ANother thing is that I dont like having to rely on everybody els. I feel completly worthless because of it. I mean I must have hit rock bottom when even a burger joint like Whataburger uses the excuse that I jsut completly lack the skills required to work there.
Im doing everything I can to stay afloat and now here comes my mother saying that if I dont find a job and soon shes going to throw my ass on the street. Since practically nothing I have is mine anymore that means im going to have nothing but the clothes on my back. No car, No place of residents, I'd be a bum on the street corner basically.

Though if it comes to that I can probably talk my grandmother into letting me stay for a little bit. though given that shes already said she wouldt tollerate me being there wihtout a job I dont know how something like that woudl turn out. SHe likes to baby me a lot but when it comes to thing like taking up residents, then shes going to want compensation. Since I dont have a job I dont know how she would react to such a situation if it ever came to that. Another thing that makes em sure is that my little secret somehow got out. most of my entire family knows about my bisexuality now and given that theyre all from different aspects of the christian religion, im basically lower than filth its self on their list. So even if I do manage to get in with my grandmother, im going ot be tormented endlesly by everyone els on my fathers side of the family. (my father of whome I do not know or care as to his whereabuts.)

My mother is not known to make idle threats. When my mother says shes going to do something she has always carried it out. So as it is I have no idea what im going to do other than keep trying to find a job. Hopefully eventually one of then will get so sick and tired of handing in so many applications\resumes that they will jsut cave in and hire me. Hopefully one of them will, because if I dont find a job then im going to be wihtout a home.
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First real post and Reports ona party [31 Jul 2006|12:21am]
[ mood | excited ]

Well this is my first true journal entry So I ask you to please bare with me. Im Well aside form the posts i've made in privet formy friends to view i've decided to make my first real post in this place. I've very recently gone to a movie meet with some friends. at Nexxus the owner/creator or furnation.com's apartment. Not what i originally pictured the guy as as far as personality but im not going to get into that. This was my third meet with there and I throughly enjoyed my time there. The food as pot luck, and tasted great. even the fettichini alfredo. Though I mostly gorged out on the cookies. The movie was a double headder, both of which I hadn't seen. The first one soon I realized I was better off not seeing (Mars Attacks!). The second movie however made up for that because it was Tank Girl. It was a superb movie. Had everythign I could want in a movie. A woman with a serious attitude piloting a giant tank, a shy and brainy costar with a kickass jet, a musical number, and dancing mutant kangaroo freedom fighters. Plus a villion you really could love to hate.

The Movies started at 8:00 US central time (or GMT-5 gioven that its currently daylight savings time) and lasted well into the morning. However I decided to crash there last night at around 2 in the morning. and woke up at about 9:00 to see people who had jsut gone to bed at around 4AM. and I stayed there untill about noon. All and all I had great time and im looking forward to next month.

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